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Length: 2 days, 1 night

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals skills for traveling and camping in the backcountry .​ We will provide you with a solid foundation in basic wilderness skills. 


Curriculum will include:

  • Gear selection: 

We will show you what we carry, in our kit and help you ​decide what you need for your chosen pursuit


  • Basic Firecraft:

learn to light fires in all conditions using modern technology

  • Water Procurement:

Where to find water and how to make it safe.

  • Basic Shelter set up:

Learn how to set up a basic emergency shelter.  

  • Basic Knot Tying:

Learn the basic knots that will help you string a tarp or hang a bear bag.

  • Basic Knife and Axe Workshop:

Safe use of sharp objects to make your wilderness experience more enjoyable. 

  • Tree and Plant Identification:

Learn to recognise and utilize 5 useful species​

Cost: $150
Bushcraft Three
Journeyman Expedition
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