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​In this course, you will practice and learn more advanced techniques and more time with our instructors.​


Curriculum will include:


  • Primitive Firecraft: 

From flint and steel to bow drills you will learn the time tested ways of starting fire without matches

  • Advanced Shelter Building:

options for diffrent shelters and considerations will be discussed and put to use in construction of a group shelter. 

  • Advanced Outdoor Cooking:

learn techniques for cooking without modern pots and pans. also learn how to bake over a fire with basic tools. 

  • Knife and Axe Workshop: 

learn proper maintenace and how to keep that edge nice and sharp

  • Orienteering:

learn to read a map and compass, the skill of not getting lost and finding the easiest route. 

  • Camp Comfort Construction: 

From chair construction to pot hooks learn top make base camp more comfortable. 

  • Utensil Making: 

Forgot your spoon? no problem you will learn how to construct basic utensils so you can leave more at home. 

  • Natural Cordage Lesson:

learn the techniques involved in cordmaking and discuss the plants available in the area.

  • Basic Gear Repair:

Never end your trip early due to gear failure learn to improvise and continue your adventures

  • Tree and Plant Identification


Length: 3 days, 2 nights

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