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Have you ever wanted to get in a boat and travel deep into the wilderness? Are you worried about planning, food, is this your first time? That is where we come in.

We will meticulously plan your adventure to every minute detail. We will provide any equipment you lack, prep all your food and our guides are there to provide any instruction you may need or want.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe and memorable experience, all while transferring the knowledge necessary for you to plan and execute your next adventure on your own. 

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Skills Development Courses

Come join us and learn the ways of the wilderness. We will lead you on a journey of learning and self achievement. Our course programing starts at the most basic of skills and leads you from your first fire, and survival basics, all the way to procuring and preserving your own sustenance out of the woods. We also offer courses for the survivalist, as well accredited first aid courses, something all woodsmen/women should have.

Unlike many schools, we don't require you take all our courses in order. if you believe you have the skills feel free to jump in anywhere in our curriculum. However, we will not cover things from other courses in depth.

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We also offer workshops which are short courses, usually anywhere from a couple hours to a day, that focus on specific skills we think are necessary for the safe enjoyment of Canada's great wilderness. 

The workshops are great options for a work group team building, school classes, or a bunch of guys looking for a different kind of bachelor party.

We can tailor these courses specific to your needs, but you can also join a regularly scheduled workshops on your own, to brush up a skill you would like to improve upon.

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