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Dates: May 12-13 2018

Location: Kearney

BUSHCRAFT ONE -Introduction
Length: 2 days, 1 night

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals skills for traveling and camping in the backcountry .​ We will provide you with a solid foundation in basic wilderness skills. 


Curriculum will include:

  • Gear selection: 

We will show you what we carry, in our kit and help you ​decide what you need for your chosen pursuit

  • Basic Firecraft:

learn to light fires in all conditions using modern technology

you with a solid foundation in basic wilderness skills. ​

  • Water Procurement:

Where to find water and how to make it safe.​

  • Basic Shelter set up:

Learn how to set up a basic emergency shelter.  

  • Basic Knot Tying:

Learn the basic knots that will help you string a tarp or hang a bear bag.

  • Basic Knife and Axe Workshop:

Safe use of sharp objects to make your wilderness experience more enjoyable. 

  • Tree and Plant Identification:

Learn to recognise and utilize 5 useful species​

Cost: $150

Dates: June 22-24 2018

BUSHCRAFT TWO - Improvisation
Length: 3 days, 2 nights

Learn to do more with less and experience a more traditional approach to bushcraft and outdoor living. Create comfort and enjoyment with what Nature provides, using long-established knowledge, skills and kit.

Curriculum will include:


  • Primitive Firecraft: 

From flint and steel to bow drills: you will learn the time tested ways of starting fire without matches.

  • Advanced Shelter Building:

Options for different shelters and considerations will be discussed and put to use in construction of a group shelter. ​

  • Knife and Axe Workshop: 

Learn proper maintenance and how to keep that edge nice and sharp.​

  • Camp Comfort Construction: 

From chair construction to pot hooks, learn to make your base camp more comfortable. ​

  • Natural Cordage Lesson:

Learn the techniques involved in cord making and discuss the plants available in the area.

  • Basic Gear improvisation:

Learn to improvise when gear breaks or you are stranded without important gear

  • Tree and Plant Identification:

Learn to recognise and utilize 5 additional useful species.


Cost: $250
BUSHCRAFT THREE - Hunter gatherer
Length: 3 days, 2 nights

Acquire the taste of self-sufficiency and get to know it’s challenges. Provide a meal or extend your stay in a wild place by means of fishing, trapping, gathering, hunting and preserving with both modern or tradition tools and skill.

Curriculum will include:

  • Trapping: 

learn from a liscensed trapper about ethical and productive ways to trap food. Improvise traps from natural materials                                         

  • Hunting:

learn proper ethical and safe ways of firearm hunting, improvise a bow capable of getting protein 

  • Gathering:

learn what you can eat in the wilderness.

  • Fishing: 

learn survival based techniques to get you that fish when its necessary 

  • Preservation:

see how to turn that big catch into a longer term food source. We will build and operate a traditional smoker​

Cost: $250

Dates: Sept 2018

BUSHCRAFT FOUR - Journeyman Expedition
Length: 7 days, 6 nights

Bring it all together on a week-long wilderness living skills adventure. Experience life on the trail, employ your bushcraft skills, explore your surroundings, fish, hunt, forage and travel, out on the land.    


Cost: TBD
Standard & Emergency First Aid, CPR/AED. 

This two day modular course provides comprehensive first aid & CPR/AED training, covering life-saving skills like the recognition and treatment of airway, breathing, and cardiovascular emergencies, and teaches how to perform CPR and work with AED’s. Furthermore, students will learn to manage a casualty who’s choking, bleeding, fainting, has a seizure or diabetic emergency, and prevent and/or treat shock, just to name a few topics. Other modules will cover fractures, burns, minor wound and special injuries care, multiple casualties, environmental emergencies, etc. Full certification course.


Cost: $135
First aid, CPR/AED

This one day course is a condensed version of the previously mentioned course, prioritizing on the most life-threatening occurrences and CPR/AED skills. This course can be a certification course in itself for CPR/AED, or a recertification of the 3 year valid certificate received upon successful completion of the above 2 day course.


Cost: $90 

Dates: TBD

Dates: TBD

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