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Winter Camping 101

Winter is a beautiful time of year in the wilderness, but the learning

curve for winter camping is steep. You will learn about proper gear, trip planning, winter clothing, and camp set up, while experiencing winter camping in a controlled environment.


Join us to discover how to open up the fourth season for adventure.  

March 22-24 2019

Burk's Falls, Ontario


Friday - 10 am start

  • Shelter building: Discuss and build different snow shelter types with emphasis on selecting ideal type for various conditions

  • Winter fire-craft: Discuss fire pits and fire lays for winter use. Build fire

  • Procuring water in winter

  • Enjoy dinner and company around the fire

  • Fire-side winter gear and clothing chat

  • Sleep in the shelter you've built if you're up for it


  • Hiking: tree identification, winter travel do's and don'ts, safe ice travel

  • Snare setting: identify animal tracks and optimal snare locations

  • Trip planning

  • Firewood collection, fire building

  • Additional topics as requested by attendees


  • Last chance for questions, review and group discussion

  • Pack up and head home

*Itinerary is flexible and subject to change based on requested learning oucomes of attendees


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