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Shelter Building


Shelter is one of the major components of survival, and without it, you can perish of exposure in under three hours. Our shelter building workshop will teach you the techniques and types of shelter that work in various environments.


April 8 2017


Fire is one of the most powerful forces humans have ever harnessed. Fire creates comfort and we will show you the many ways to get sustainable fire. From ferro rod use to friction fire to flint and steel, you will master the art of fire.



Getting in and getting out of the woods makes for a good day. Should you fail to find your way back it can turn into a nightmare. We will show you how to use basic navigation tools that don't have batteries to die and leave you stranded. Topo maps, compasses and pace counters are the original, and still most effective and safe means way to navigate the wilderness.

Canoe Camping


Canoe camping can be easy, or it can be hard . Learn how to pack so your portages are not marathons in misery. Do you know what to do when your partners tip the canoe? We will teach you that too.  

Winter Camping


Winter is the most beautiful time of year in the wilderness, but the learning curve for winter camping is steep. Let us explain proper gear, planning, clothing, and camp set up to you. This will allow you to safely get out into the woods at this magical time of year. 

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